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Bratislava saw return 1913-built tram Vienna

In August 2020 Bratislava saw the return of the 1913-built inter-city tram that had operated between Vienna and the Slovak capital from 1914 to 1945, and added to Bratislava’s unique character. When the route was decommissioned, the GANG Eg 5 locomotive was displayed at Mariazell Railway Museum in Austria, while the GANZ Eg 6 was […]

Unique archeological find Bratislava Castle

A unique archeological find has uncovered during final stage of Bratislava Castle renovation – an 11th century wood-earth wall. Matej Ruttkay (director of the Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) and archaeologist Marián Samuel commented that the preserved timber wall is one of the best examples of such period’s fortifications in Central Europe. […]

Bratislava has 30-metre high Ferris wheel

Bratislava has a wonderful new attraction – 30-metre high observational Ferris wheel on Vajanské nábrežie. The city council approved its temporary construction as a much needed boost to local tourism during the corona crisis. Also providing funds for local government as well. The vision for an observational ‘eye’ over Bratislava riverside was confirmed by a […]

Unser Team qualifizierter Fremdenführer in Bratislava

Unser Team qualifizierter Fremdenführer in Bratislava unter der Leitung meiner Person, der Gründerin der Reiseagentur und Fremdenführerin mit jahrelanger Erfahrung heißt Sie herzlich willkommen. In diesem Jahr feiert unsere Firma bereits das 20. Jahr ihres Bestehens. Während dieser langen Zeit  gewannen wir in puncto Fremdenführerleistungen einen ganz schönen Erfahrungsschatz. Wir werden Sie nicht nur liebend […]

21 meter-high lookout tower

The stunning new 21 meter-high lookout tower on Devínska Kobyla – which began construction in April 2020 – is almost ready to welcome its first visitors. The lookout is located on the former army site where its predecessor stood. It will open as soon as the remaining level is completed. The seven-story high has seven […]