Know how Vydrica and Rybne square looked before SNP Bridge was built? Check out the unique Lost Landmarks of the Lost City by Tomáš Stern and the Jewish Religious Community (under the auspices of Bratislava Old Town).

The outstanding features were St. Martin’s Cathedral, and a neological synagogue dating to 1893. As the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in the Slovak Republic describes on its website, it was built in Moorish style, characterized by coloured tiles and two corner towers. The architect was Dionýz Milch who received the commission from the neological part of the Bratislava Jewish community, which also wanted to differentiate itself from the conservative Orthodox Jewish community.

During the war the synagogue fell into disuse, and after the communists took power it became a warehouse. In the 1960s, the decision was made to construct another bridge (built between 1967 and 1972) across the Danube. This project necessitated the demolition of several valuable historical buildings (including the synagogue), almost all the buildings on Židovská Street, part of Rybného Square, and Žižková Street buildings. Today you can wander – if sadly not the streets themselves – at lease their history in virtual reality.

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