Splendid Café Štefánka – on the corner of Palisády and Štefánikova streets – dates to the beginning of the 20th century. i.e. the Hackenberg dynasty. Located in an 1897 Alexander Feigler building, in 1904 Béla I. Hackenberger became the tenant and operator of the original Mezey Café. He renamed it Café Štefánka (Stephania, Stefánia caféház) – after the widow of heir to the throne Rudolf who committed suicide with his mistress. Café Štefánka (Palisády and Štefánikova streets) a cult meeting place for Bratislava’s intelligentsia, writers, poets, journalists, artists, doctors, lawyers and factory owners for many years.

Ján Smrek recited the verses of his immortal poem „Poet and Woman“ to his friends in Café Štefánka, as well as other verses in its pleasant atmosphere… Sculptor Tibor Bártfay likened the café to Montparnasse in Paris. After 1948, Café Štefánka was nationalized and then managed by RaJ (Restaurants and Canteens) until 1948. Café Štefánka’s spiritual and architectural betrayal culminated in 1989 when the Old Town’s former management leased the building to a Chinese restaurant. Café Štefánka has now proudly returned to its original name and former fashionable monarchist spirit.

Translation from origin source www.bratislavskenoviny.sk

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