In September 2020, Eurovea 2 contractors began concreting the foundation slab for the first Slovak skyscraper. 45-floor and  168 m high Eurovea Tower will include 389 residences and 1,400 parking spaces. And close to Eurovea shopping center.

“The foundations were designed by a statics expert of course, yet we still independently checked the solution. Second structural engineer audited the design and proposed solution. To verify the soil properties as per the geological survey, we performed pile test. It showed the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil and the design’s correctness. Eurovea Tower will be completed mid-2023,” said JTRE’s Kaštan.

“The waterfront promenade will be greatly extended – from Lafranconi Bridge to Apollo,” observed Radoslav Grečmal from GFI architect studio, which prepared the design.

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