Exkurzie v Bratislave | Excursion in Bratislava | Ausflug nach Bratislava +421 903 757 606 (German, Russian)
+421 903 725 945 (English, Russian, Croatian, Serbian)
 Exkurzie v Bratislave | Excursion in Bratislava | Ausflug nach Bratislava
 +421 903 757 606 (German, Russian)
+421 903 725 945 (English, Russian, Croatian, Serbian)

Hotel pre psov a výcvik psov - Žilina

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This page collects standard information about Internet events (so-called „log information ”), including your IP address, browser and language type, access time, as well as a referring web address. In order to ensure the quality management of this website and to facilitate advanced navigation, we or our service providers can also use the so-called. „cookies” (small text files stored in the user's browser ) or web presence signals (electronic images that allow these websites to count visitors who have opened a particular page, or make certain cookies available ) for the collection of summary data. We do not collect or store any individual (non-exhaustive ) cookies. We have access exclusively to summary data on cookies for the purpose of the functionality of this website. For more information on how we use cookies and other monitoring technologies and how you can control them, see the Notice on the Use of Cookies.

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Changes to the Privacy Statement

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We are aware of the importance of protecting children's personal data in the interactive world of the Internet. This website is not created or intentionally targeted at people under 0 up to 18 years of age. Our goal is not to continuously collect or store data on individuals under the age of 18.

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