The Church of the Holy Trinity ’s post-reconstruction gleaming new white façade has surprised onlookers – yet research reveals that this had been the original colour of Saint John of Matha Church.

The Church of the Holy Trinity (or simply the Trinity) is a unique city landmark – built by the Trinitarian trinity brothers in 1717, based on the Austrian Baroque architect Johan Lukas von Hildebrandt’s design for the Church of St. Peter in Vienna. Consecrated in 1725, interior adornments continued for a further seven years.

The Trinitarians were a religious order that ransomed Christians from Turkish captivity and were brought to Pressburg (Bratislava) by Leopold Kollonich – the Archbishop of Esztergom. The monastery was built with the help of palatine Count Mikuláš Pálffy and county judge Count Štefan Koháry. Consecrated in 1723, it was further embellished with artistic paintings by Unterhuber, Palko and Ján de Matta. Between 1690 and 1730, Trinitarians redeemed 2,043 Christians from Turkish slavery. By order of Emperor Joseph II, their monastery was closed and turned into a military hospital in 1785.

Having been a yellow-orange colour for many years, the church’s new white paint scheme is a real surprise for citizens.

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