When the Danube was the Roman Empire’s northern border (1st to 4th century), Bratislava was called Anductium. Although the oldest preserved written record (907) cites the battle of Preslavvaspurce (Preslav was the third son of King Svätopluk). Germans referred to it as Pressburg, the Slovaks as Prešporok. And the Hungarians as Pozsony based on a translation of Božoň, who was lord of Bratislava Castle 1052 – 1099. Greeks used Istropolis, i.e. town on the Danube.

The current name was likely first used by the Štúr family in the 19th century, as they wanted to use Slovak nominations. So after a trip  to Devín Velislav, Ľudovít Štúr combined the words brother and glory to arrive at Bratislava. Calls to rename the city ‘Wilson’ after the First World War were resisted, so the city has been officially known as Bratislava since 1919.

Original source in Slovak language: bratislavskenoviny

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