The poor state of the early Baroque (1661) church on Mikulášská Street — which is a National Cultural Monument. It has long been clear to Bratislavans. From a distance the roof is relatively new, but closer up the impression is completely different. Walls are disfigured, plaster is flaking from the facade, stone plinth cladding is broken in several places with pieces on the ground…

And the Pálffy coat of arms (the church was built by František Khuen, widow of palatine Pálffy) is obscured. “St. Nikolaj (Mikuláš) is a unique building with great cultural value. It has been impacted by the ravages of time, so in-depth renovation is now necessary — including improving thermal technical properties, reducing humidity, and removing mould,» said the Office of the Prešov Orthodox Diocese.

«We are hoping for the Restoration Plan, which also includes financing the restoration of historic and listed buildings,» the church said to «There is also a piece of wood from our Saviour Jesus Christ’s Holy and Life-Giving Cross, the remains of St. Sergei Radonežsky, and the remains of St. Mojsej Uhrin,” added the Orthodox Church, which has used the church since 1945 and been its proprietor since 2008.

Archaeological diggings at ​​Antic Gerulata in Rusovce Bratislava have revealed further rare finds. Such as third century coins, buckles, burners, horse harness, glass, iron objects, and Rétan ceramics, and a second-century comb. The latter evidences contacts between the Gerulata inhabitants with the ‘barbarian’ Germans. Bratislava City Museum (MMB) has announced these finding on its social network.

The research also investigated a medieval moat more than three meters deep and eight meters wide. Another precious find was a Roman military diploma fragment. The Museum of Ancient Gerulata in Rusovce is on the site of a former Roman military castle on the borders of the Limes Romanus fortification system (second to fourth centuries).

This year, the Roman Empire — Danube Limes (western part) site was added to the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. It includes two national cultural monuments in Slovakia: Gerulata, and  the Roman military camp (castle) in Iža (Komárno).