Goose gourmets’ favourite season in Slovensky Grob (just outside Bratislava) is served from Saturday 5th September! Goose chefs (husacinars) from Slovenský Grob are both locally and internationally renowned for their delicious centuries-old recipes for crispy roasted goose and irresistible potato pancakes. In fine autumnal weather enjoy eating in cosy atmospheric courtyards where you will be poured traditional ‘burčiak’ fermented grape must. Or excellent Small Carpathian regional red, white or rose wines – all of which excellently complement the cuisine.

We recommend visiting cosy Guild of Husacinárs family restaurants to fully enjoy the authentic homely goose feast experience. And what better way to follow lunch or dinner than a relaxing stroll around this picturesque viniculture village and a selfie with the village’s symbol – a goose statue in the main square. Bon appetite!

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