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Historian Tunde Lendelová states that there were 45 witch trials in Bratislava, with the first dating to 1548 against an unknown woman.

In May 1602, Išpán Veit Szabo and butcher Mezarosch complained to the city council about severe stomach pains, which they blamed on the herbalist Agatha Toott Borlobaschin. Išpán also added that Agatha cursed his father Jakub with an incessant cough, Mezarosch added that she caused his successful butcher's to be sold cheap. Although Agatha professed her innocence, the city council ordered the executioner to interrogate. He started gently, by ordering Agatha to cry (a then-theory held that the innocent can cry on command, whilst witches cannot), but she could not shed a tear. He then upped the ante by tying her hands and immersing her in water (if she was innocent she would drown, if guilty she would survive). As Agatha survived through self-preservation, the executioner put a burning torch to her.

Finally, she understood that she was done for – they sought not the truth but only a scapegoat: after days of torture, she admitted her curses and surrendered to the flames on 24 May 1602 just outside Michael's Gate (as immortalised by stone sculptor Roman Kovrižnych).

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