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Devín amphitheatre has a fascinating history. Construction began after Devín village was separated from Czechoslovakia and administratively annexed into the German Empire following the Munich Agreement (1938). Hitler's Third Reich liked to build large rural meeting spaces to spread their propaganda.

Although architect Václav Houdek’s 100,000-audience auditorium wasn’t completed until 1948, the first post-war Slavic Day was celebrated there on July 5, 1945. Operas such as Krútňava, Svätopluk and other masterpieces were also performed there. The amphitheatre also had a restaurant and dressing rooms for performers.

After 1989 it was taken over by the City Museum, which inexplicably leased it to Stockholm-based Seafly free of charge for 99 years. The City Council of Bratislava declared the lease null and void in March 1991, and the municipality’s request in 1995 that the company hand over the building was ignored. If the city can find an agreement, the lawsuit could end and the historic building could finally be revitalised.

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