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Gothic monument Janko Kral Park Petržalka

Restoration work on an important Gothic monument in Janko Kral Park, Petržalka, was carried out from September to December 2020. “The basic criteria for the restoration was to preserve the original, correct damage and inappropriate modifications. And to complete missing parts and details,” said Bratislava spokeswoman Katarína Rajčanová. Scaffolding and fencing has been removed to […]

The church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity ’s post-reconstruction gleaming new white façade has surprised onlookers – yet research reveals that this had been the original colour of Saint John of Matha Church. The Church of the Holy Trinity (or simply the Trinity) is a unique city landmark – built by the Trinitarian trinity brothers in […]

Eurovea 2 first Slovak skyscraper

In September 2020, Eurovea 2 contractors began concreting the foundation slab for the first Slovak skyscraper. 45-floor and  168 m high Eurovea Tower will include 389 residences and 1,400 parking spaces. “The foundations were designed by a statics expert of course, yet we still independently checked the solution. Second structural engineer audited the design and […]

Bolt’s “green scooters” in Bratislava

In just a few months, Bolt’s “green scooters” have replaced Slovnaft “yellow bikes” as the short-distance trip hit in Bratislava. Fun as these scooters are, some safety issues also need to be considered. Children or teenagers should only ride Bolt’s scooters after seeking permission from parents or from older siblings, or adult friends. And who […]

New riverside beach Tyrsak

It’s summer in the city and Bratislava has a new riverside beach! Tyršák (after Miroslav Tyrš) sandy summer paradise is between Aréna Theater and the Old Bridge. You can find there a range of fun activities including a beach sports area for volleyball, tennis and football, and even a giant swing. The normally grassy area […]

Guide in Bratislava Sightseeings

  Hi visitors! Looking for a great sightseeing guide in Bratislava? You’re in just the right place! My name is Inna and – as the founder of this travel agency and highly-experienced guide – me and my team of certified guides warmly welcome you! Our 20 years providing guiding services have given us lots of […]