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Bratislava’s the Water Tower

One of Bratislava’s oldest and most prized National Cultural Monuments – the Water Tower – is undergoing sensitive restoration. This oldest building in this area is dated to the 2nd to 11th centuries AD. The tower served an important strategic and defensive function for almost 400 years until the 17th century. “The restoration of the […]

Slovak legionaries in the Czech-Slovak legions

Slovak legionaries in the Czech-Slovak legions (1914 – 1920) will be commemorated by Matica Slovenská (MS). With the unveiling of a memorial plaque on the former Legiobanka building (now Eximbank) on Bratislava’s Grösslingova Street. “Slovak legionnaires deserve be more appreciated by society because they made a major contribution to new Slovak national and democratic life. […]

The Slovak National Museum (SNM)

The Slovak National Museum (SNM) has unveiled the new Romans and Slovakia exhibition. Which can be seen until June 30, 2022 at the Knights’ Hall in Bratislava Castle. Visitors can see over 240 archaeological-historical items about Slovakia in the 1st to 4th centuries. I.e. when it was near and marginally part of the Roman Empire. […]

New Nivy bus station in Bratislava

New Nivy bus station on Mlynské Nivy Street in Bratislava is nearing completion. Airport-style building will have 36 platforms, seven access points, and 86 barrier-free bus stops. The bus station will be on the first underground floor, and will also have retail outlets, pharmacies, and fast food. With nine LCD TV panels, a large LED […]

Restoration of Michalska Brana (Tower)

The 18-month restoration of Michalska Brana (Tower) has begun, and will be followed by a permanent exhibition. The tower, stone-sculptural and decorative features, and popular look-out are to be reconstructed. Including the rooftop statue of St. Michael the Archangel from the mid-18th century. One bell will be restored, while the other – damaged by a […]

Bratislava Castle went up in flames

Bratislava Castle went up in flames during the evening. Yet fortunately only as a video projection onto the building’s facade. To commemorate the 210th anniversary of the most tragic event in the castle’s thousand-years. On May 28, 1811 a massive fire – caused by resident soldiers’ carelessness. Led to the Winter Riding Hall, palace, and […]

The Danube was Roman Empire’s border

When the Danube was the Roman Empire’s northern border (1st to 4th century), Bratislava was called Anductium. Although the oldest preserved written record (907) cites the battle of Preslavvaspurce (Preslav was the third son of King Svätopluk). Germans referred to it as Pressburg, the Slovaks as Prešporok. And the Hungarians as Pozsony based on a […]

The Danube’s banks in Bratislava

The Danube’s banks in Bratislava were connected by bridges over the centuries. The first pontoon bridge was built around 1450 and lasted three centuries. One pendulum (compass-like) bridge was built for Bratislava in 1770 by inventor Wolfgang Kempelen. Bridges were built for coronational events. With the only bridge outlasting a coronation being the 1825 boat […]

Gothic monument Janko Kral Park Petržalka

Restoration work on an important Gothic monument in Janko Kral Park, Petržalka, was carried out from September to December 2020. “The basic criteria for the restoration was to preserve the original, correct damage and inappropriate modifications. And to complete missing parts and details,” said Bratislava spokeswoman Katarína Rajčanová. Scaffolding and fencing has been removed to […]

The church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity ’s post-reconstruction gleaming new white façade has surprised onlookers – yet research reveals that this had been the original colour of Saint John of Matha Church. The Church of the Holy Trinity (or simply the Trinity) is a unique city landmark – built by the Trinitarian trinity brothers in […]