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Weekend is approaching !

Dear guests, dear visitor of our webpage!

If you are in charge of organising trips at your company and if looking for offers and opportunities, where and how to spent a whole weekend with your company or department – then this webpage is the way to go. Your are quite right here!

We offer weekend-trips, where our guests can experience and feel the true and genuine „sprit” of our capital and look behind its scenes. You will stroll through the city, taste, listen … simply speaking … spend and enjoy a very pleasant time here. We will set up an individual program for you, including and considering all your wishes and our professional guides (which do not just know this city really like the back of heir own hand, they actually love it) — will take you to the weekend atmosphere of this cosy little-big city.

You can view some of our standard programs here.

If you have you very own notions how to spend your weekend here, needing just some help with the organisation – do not hesitate to contact us!

Initially we ought to give you the following “golden rules” to take with you:

– clarify, what your colleagues really want and prefer

– review our offer and services

– do not hesitate to contact us!

Surprise your boss with a little present.

If you want to prepare nice and pleasant surprise for you boss, present him with a “gif-basket full of typical Slovak products and delicacies.

We will prepare the program upon Your requirement. 

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