Slovak legionaries in the Czech-Slovak legions (1914 – 1920) will be commemorated by Matica Slovenská (MS). With the unveiling of a memorial plaque on the former Legiobanka building (now Eximbank) on Bratislava’s Grösslingova Street.

“Slovak legionnaires deserve be more appreciated by society because they made a major contribution to new Slovak national and democratic life. After the Austro-Hungarian monarchy dissolved. Without these legions, Slovak and Czech politicians in the first foreign resistance of 1914-1918 would have found it difficult to persuade the Treaty Powers to support the founding of the first Czechoslovakia.

We owe the establishment of this large foreign resistance army. Primarily to the Minister and General Milan Rastislav Štefánik,” said MS chairman Marián Gešper. “Slovak legionnaires included Slovak nationals and MS figures such as Janko Jesenský, Jozef Gregor Tajovský, Vladimír Daxner. And the generals Rudolf Viest and Jozef Martin Kristin – father of the actress Eva Kristinová,” he added.

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