Presidential, former the palace of Count Anton Grasalkovic, an adviser to Maria Theresa, was built after 1760 outside the city walls at a former timber and charcoal market. Architect Andrej Mayerhoffer planned it in a particularly luxurious Rococo style, and it used to be a popular place for the nobility’s social occassions.  In the late 19th century, the great-grandson of Maria Theresa, Archduke Friedrich Maria Albrecht of Austria-Tešínsky (1856 — 1936), worked at the military headquarters in Bratislava with view to a military career.  He inherited the palace from his uncle, Archduke Albrecht, and it was repaired and modernized in the 1890s with a new kitchen, gas lighting, water supply, metal gates, and even telephones. They replaced the monogram of the original owner with the combined monogram of the archduke and his wife: Friedrich and Isabella — the golden letters F and I that are still visible today.

Original source in Slovak language: bratislavskenoviny