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Baroque church on Mikulášská Street

The poor state of the early Baroque (1661) church on Mikulášská Street — which is a National Cultural Monument. It has long been clear to Bratislavans. From a distance the roof is relatively new, but closer up the impression is completely different. Walls are disfigured, plaster is flaking from the facade, stone plinth cladding is […]

Gerulata in Rusovce Bratislava

Archaeological diggings at ​​Antic Gerulata in Rusovce Bratislava have revealed further rare finds. Such as third century coins, buckles, burners, horse harness, glass, iron objects, and Rétan ceramics, and a second-century comb. The latter evidences contacts between the Gerulata inhabitants with the ‘barbarian’ Germans. Bratislava City Museum (MMB) has announced these finding on its social […]

Archangel Michael statue renovation

The Archangel Michael statue will be removed for renovation in September 2021. This will be a big event for Bratislava. The admirable work of master Petr Eller that has adorned the top of Michal’s Tower since 1758, will remain at academic sculptor Stanislav Kožela’s studio for many months. Coper sculpture’s extremities look very fragile, parts […]

Danube a popular place to swim

For centuries the Danube has been a popular place for riverside residents to swim and wash. «Sandy sections were primarily for recreation, but Danube swimming pools were also ideal for learning to swim or to play sports,» states the publication (www.danubetreasures.eu). «In the 19th century, almost every major village along the Danube built a wooden […]

Danube promenade in Bratislava

Danube promenade in Bratislava — cities now seek to provide more than just comfortable living, public transport, and modern services. Landscaped public spaces, cultural and social facilities, parks. And promenades also contribute to residents’ quality of life and attract visitors too. So the Danube promenade — which begins at Karlovske rameno (river branch) — will […]

Гид в Братиславе универмаг Prior

Гид в Братиславе рекоммендует универмаг на Kamennom namesti который спустя много лет вернулся к своему исконному названию Prior. В конце сентября 2020 открылись ворота «Food court» с 14 гастро заведениями для 500 человек. Здесь находится словацкая кухня, португальская, индийская, вьетнамская, китайская, иранская, израельская, кухщя Ближнего Востока и многие другие. Фасад здания останется нетронутым, включая часы […]

Goose season in Slovensky Grob

Goose gourmets’ favourite season in Slovensky Grob (just outside Bratislava) is served from Saturday 5th September! Goose chefs (husacinars) from Slovenský Grob are both locally and internationally renowned for their delicious centuries-old recipes for crispy roasted goose and irresistible potato pancakes. In fine autumnal weather enjoy eating in cosy atmospheric courtyards where you will be […]

Bratislava Zoo in Mlynska Dolina

Bratislava Zoo in Mlynska Dolina celebrated its 60th anniversary on Saturday, May 9th 2020. The capital city’s zoo began to be constructed in 1959, opening the following year on May 9th. From its very first decades the zoo enjoyed success, for example as one of the first in Europe to breed lynx. «The special breeding of […]

Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava

Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava (constructed 1960) is undergoing an extensive EUR 2 million reconstruction project with completion scheduled for 2022. Work on the first stage recently began on the stone plinth supporting the famous statue of a soldier. Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava is the burial place of 6,845 Red Army soldiers. «This project […]