Danube promenade in Bratislava — cities now seek to provide more than just comfortable living, public transport, and modern services. Landscaped public spaces, cultural and social facilities, parks. And promenades also contribute to residents’ quality of life and attract visitors too.

So the Danube promenade — which begins at Karlovske rameno (river branch) — will be extended to include a unique multiple-sports. And relaxation zone to benefit users of all ages and abilities. The latest safe climbing frames will be popular with kids, teens can enjoy a skatepark. And the area will have places for various ball games. The Activities Park under Apollo Bridge will be a huge hit with all adrenalin and fitness junkies.

The Activities Park and newly emerging Eurovea City public spaces were designed by Beth Galí — the world-famous architect and urban planner.

Original source in Slovak language: www.bratislavskenoviny.sk

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