Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava (constructed 1960) is undergoing an extensive EUR 2 million reconstruction project with completion scheduled for 2022. Work on the first stage recently began on the stone plinth supporting the famous statue of a soldier. Slavín War Memorial in Bratislava is the burial place of 6,845 Red Army soldiers. «This project will also include establishing a new World War II exposition on Slavín. Such work will be based on study proposals and feasibility projects following the release of appropriate funds,» said Katarina Rajčanová, the city’s spokesperson. She added that the reconstruction will repair all problems with the main observation terrace, stairs, monument basement area. And all other wear and tear, as well as the comprehensive revitalization of Slavín’s extensive and popular green areas. Following reconstruction, it is envisioned that the ceremonial room will be open a few hours daily. And it will be enable the visiting public to pay their solemn respects at this historical place of remembrance.

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